Saturday, April 26, 2014

Adobe Lightroom Goes Mobile

The widely popular software for photo editing and organization, Adobe Lightroom, can soon be accessed right from your Smartphone. If you’re a photographer on the go, or need to organize the millions of pictures you have on your iPad, Lightroom Mobile is for you.

A Portable Extension

Aimed at providing the possibility to work back and forth between your desktop and mobile devices, Adobe Lightroom’s mobile app is essentially a portable extension of the desktop software. Adobe’s Creative Cloud syncs everything you work on in the mobile app automatically to your desktop, which means you can edit and organize your pictures from anywhere in the world.

Subscriptions Required

Although Adobe Lightroom is an app, it still requires you to have a subscription to Lightroom 5 as well as Creative Cloud. The application will include pretty much all the primary editing tools of the desktop version, such as exposure, color, shadows, clarity, contrast and tonal adjustments.

Login And Access

Well-integrated with the PC and Mac versions of Lightroom 5, the app will let you log in with an Adobe ID and work with all the images stored in the desktop version of your account. There is also a Smart Previews option that enables transfer of content between the two versions at a very fast rate.

Touchscreen Differences

Of course, it is rather fun to edit photos on a touchscreen device like an iPad. You can use your fingers to do everything from crop and rotate to applying different filters to your photos.
Tapping the screen with three fingers shows you the before and after frames of editing. History states of your pictures are saved on the cloud as well, backtracking all the way to how your picture looked in the beginning.



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