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How to increase google AdRevenue

  1.  It is just copy from a site ...for more Go through Digital point 
    Although this is only one page website. But the CTR is 20~30% consistently.

    Before we even get into any specifics you should understand that the most important thing that will affect your CTR is your NICHE and your keywords you are getting traffic for.

    You want to target niches with motivated traffic. Fanatic hobbyists, career seekers, people looking to cure an ailment, people that are insane for a certain product, people that want to improve their body; these are motivated people. The sites you make should target these motivated people and you will be setting yourself up for better CTRs right out of the gate.

    If your niche is not motivated and hungry for what the ads offer, you will always struggle to get any kind of high CTR.

    1) Blend in your adsense ads and match the color of your website background color. Make your background color and border color the same as your website background color to blend in the ads. This is the basic that everyone knows.

    2) Change the URL and ads text color to the same color (usually black color) as your content text. I know that many adsense users like to use green or grey color for the URL but it don't works now! People straight away recognize it is an adsense ads, and won't click on the URL. Black color URL works the best together with black color text. -> Change your URL and ads text color to #000000

    3) Change your ads title to bright blue color instead of the normal blue color link #0000FF. Too many websites in the Internet are using this blue color for their ads title. Users in the internet already accustomed to the blue color links and they won't click on the blue color adsense links anymore. For the hex code of bright blue color, I will not reveal it. Very sorry!

    4) Try making your content font size smaller than your ads. Why? This is to make your content pop out prominently. This always work.This method is used by Jim Hudson by adsense 6 dights code.

    5) Change your content color to light gray color. Yes, light gray color. Why? Changing to light gray color turns people off and make your adsense ads stand out prominently. Hence, their attention will be at your adsense ads :cool: instead of your content. If they want to read your content. They will read up your content.

    6) Put your adsense ads above the fold and only use 336 x 280 ads. Use Text ads only as I found out 90% of the time text ads work better than image ads. Some adsense users prefer using both image and text ads because they want more competition for their ads slot, more competition means higher CPC. Don't put too many ads above the fold, recently google update affect 1% of the website that put too many ads above the fold.

    ) If you are using skyscraper ads, use text ads only. Skyscraper works better on text ads.

    8) Target only visitors from the search engine. USA visitors can make you more money than a visitor in india.

    Using WordPress › Ozh' Who Sees Ads b
    lock all the visitors that are not coming from google search engine. You need targeted traffic and people who are interested in your adsense ads.

    9) Bold, Underline, Italic your content keyword. Why? This will make your adsense ads more relevant from my test. Especially the keyword in the first sentence and the last sentence of your article. To make your ads more relevant, try to have your keyword in your post/article title, URL, Meta Description too.

    10) Adding adsense channels to each and every of the ads in your website and tweak them accordingly to the CTR. Don't be lazy, if not you will not increase your CTR. 70% of the adsense marketers don't track their ads.

    11) Don't put images and videos above the fold, it affect CTR, embedded videos and images drawn attention and make your adsense ads become less prominently to users eyes.

    12) Using large font size for adsense ads, large font size works better than medium or small. Big font size is more prominent and readable.

    13) If you ads is irrelevant to your content, there will be much lesser clicks, you need to do section targeting. Section targeting to certain section of your page such as the sidebar or the footer. You can place tags around the parts of your content that you want ads to relate to and other tags around content that you want adsense ads to ignore.

    14) Set your internet based internet to the below settings, you will most likely get more related ads instead of unrelated ads. This is important step, I found out that after changing to this setting I get more relevant ads ever. This is recommended by Jim Hudson.

    15) Keep some spaces between your content and ads. Your ads will stands out more prominently. This has been mentioned in many adsense guides.

    <div style="display:block;float:left;margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;">INSERT-ADSENSE-CODE-HERE</div>

    16) Use 2 ads instead of 3 ads. 3 ads looks spammy and turn people away.

    17) Go to adsense competitive filter block all these low paying advertisers.

    18) Arial or Verdana for adsense ads?
    If you use arial for adsense ads, then change your content text to arial too. If you use verdana for adsense ads, then change your content text to verdana.

    Once you have done all the methods above you SHOULD see an significant increase in your CTR. :eek:

    I know there are a lot of adsense websites that don't receive a lot of traffic, hence there is low CTR.

    You don't need to SEO your website to get to the first of google in order to make money! All you need is to buy traffic.

    Combine this traffic buying method with the above tips and you will make passive 6 digit adsense USD.

    Also, If all the above steps don't work then try this one.

    Step 1: Buying AdSense safe traffic to your blog using InnoShow
    In order for this method to work you need to buy traffic to your site. What you’re going to be buying are cloaked, real visitors that are interested in your niche. What these visitors do is stay on your website for a good amount of time, look through everything and eventually click on an ad. The cost per visitor is 3 credits.

    For 15 dollars you can get 500 visitors, I make $90 with 500 visitors and my CPC is as low as $0.48. If you have a high CPC like $1-25 you could make upwards of $200 or $300 in a few hours. It’s really a very simple process, you just need to make sure your CTR (Click Through Ratio) isn’t too high. In order to do this you buy View Visitors.

    These Visitors just view your website for like 30 seconds, and count as a few in AdSense. This drops your CTR, and costs very little money. The website we do this on is
    InnoShow. When you get on InnoShow, sign up and verify your account, usual sign up steps. When you’re signed in you should see a screen like this:

    Alright, Now that you’re here let’s fill out the information

    Title: A Title you want to remember this website with
    Info: Any information you want to put down for this site
    URL: Obviously, the URL to your website you’re sending the traffic.
    Keywords: Put the keywords you chose for your website in here
    Type: Scroll down and select focused visitors. Also set up another identical campaign but instead of focused choose view. This will be the CTR reducing campaign.

    Step 2: Keeping your CTR down and Purchasing Credits
    Having too high of a CTR will make Google very suspicious, and we definitely don’t want that. So, in order to avoid that we are going to have to add visitors that don’t click ads or anything. That’s where the view campaign you just made comes into play.

    Let’s say you wanted to put $30 worth of credits onto your account. You would get 3,000 credits. You could get 500 focused visitors 7,500 view visitors which would keep your CTR at a very good level. Let’s learn how to purchase credits, and assign them to a campaign. Look below for where to add credits:

    Now, credits are $.01 for every $10 you get 1,000 credits. So, let’s just say we buy $30 worth. I would recommend putting 1500 credits into focused visitors (500 visitors) and putting 1500 credits into views (7500 views) and that should be good for about 3-4 days



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